2019 Club Meetings: 

  • January 10th

  • February 21st

  • March 14th

  • April 11th

  • May 9th

  • June 13th

  • July 11th

  • August 8th

  • September 12th

  • October 10th

  • November 14th

  • December 12th (Party Only)

2020 Club Meetings: 

  • January 9th

  • February 13th

  • March 12th

  • April 9th

  • May 14th

  • June 11th

  • July 9th

  • August 13th

  • September 10th

  • October 8th

  • November 12th

  • December 10th (Party Only)

Club Meetings occur on the second Thursday of every Month.

Location: Firewater Grille 7007 Grover St, Omaha, NE 68106

Website: http://www.firewatergrille.com

Time: 7:00 pm Central Time. Come early to share drinks and food.


Events: ​​​​​ (Click here to get to Face Book)​​​

Phlocking - A gathering of Parrot Heads for social interaction and phun.

Party with a Purpose - An event where Parrot Heads raise money for a charity.

Service Project - Where Parrot Heads complete a tasks or series of tasks to benefit society and give back to the community.